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Odin had a pig - what was it called?

In the Sven Hassel book "Liquidate Paris," after a drunken night out, Sven, Porta and the gang become obsessed by the name of Odin's pig. They asked all around, even going as far as calling the Gestapo and asking them!

If you're an aficionado of Sven Hassel, you'll know well what this questions about. If you like war stories, and you haven't read Sven Hassel, you really should. His novels combine an emotional roller - coaster mix of sheer bloody gore and horror with uproarious, rib - tickling humor. He was a Dane who fought for the Germans in World War Two. Whilst fictional, the stories are based on his actual experiences. "Wheels of Terror," was made into an excellent film with Oliver Reed and David Cassadine providing brilliant performances as the General and the Colonel respectively.

Odin was a Norse God. He was the chief god in Norse pagan religion. Odin was god of wisdom, war, battle and death. His father was Bor, his mother Bestla.

Odin, being a very wise man, kept a number of amazing animals. Along with his strength, guile, and ability to see into far places with his hidden eye, these animals made him the most powerful god.

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His wolves, Gere and Freke were not much of an asset. They ate all the food a normal mortal would have eaten himself. In fact, Odin did not eat food, he lived solely on wine.

However, his ravens, Hugin and Munin, flew out every night and found out everything that had happened in the world for Odin. His horse, Sleipner, had eight legs and could run in the sky.

His pig was called Sarimner. Sarimner was killed and boiled every night, and provided pork for all of the warrior heroes at Odin's table in Valhalla. Each morning, Sarimner was resurrected, ready to be eaten once more.

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